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Coswik is Will Kearney from Auckland New Zealand. He is a bass player, Producer and DJ. A wizard of groove and noise.


Since colliding face first into a blistering wall of bass and magical mayhem at Auckland's much loved and dearly missed Spacebar, Coswik has thrown underground raves, supported headliners like Alex Kidd, held a radio show on Boosh fm, toured the country in hard rocking bands like Fire at Will, Sad yeti Society and Dead Favors and recorded several albums while surfing the sonic highway of life, searching for that 'perfect' sound.


After returning from Amsterdam in 2019 he hit the studio hard, freshly inspired by the underground European Techno sound. Almost 2 years later a lot has happened and its a different world but music is constant.

music is love, life, energy and unity.


coswik has been anything but locked down in 2020 - coswik has had mentorship on his productions by none other than Berlin based Einmusik, has played a DJ set at the beautiful Shipwrecked festival in Te Arai, amassing thousands of plays on online streaming platforms and finally finishing an entire set of original tracks.


Get ready for an entirely unique musical experience that will

take you deep.

take you high

and rattle your bones.


Its going to be a journey,


time to get cosmic with Coswik .


Auckland, New Zealand



follow the moon wizard


Astronaut in Space


coming soon 2022

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